10 Splash Pads Around Denver to Visit This Summer


As the summer heat descends upon Denver, finding fun and refreshing activities for kids becomes a top reprieve from long afternoons inside. Splash pads are the perfect cool-down activity without the stressors of a public pool with small children. They are also a great way for children to socialize while they engage in active play.

Here’s a roundup of the best splash pads in Denver that promise endless summer fun for your little ones.

10 Splash Pads Around Denver to Visit This Summer

Amazing Amenities: Paco Sanchez Park

Paco Sanchez Park, located in West Denver, is known for its state-of-the-art facilities and innovative play structures. You can often hear park patrons saying, “This is the coolest park I’ve ever seen!” The splash pad here is no exception, featuring interactive water features that delight children. With its modern design and variety of activities, Paco Sanchez Park is a must-visit.

Baseball Themed: Ray Ross Park

It’s one, two, three strikes and you are out at the old ballpark! Ray Ross Park in Lakewood is home to year-round sports fields, and the splash pad is themed (the shape of a baseball field) accordingly. It is also home to basketball courts and a great playground. 

Centrally Located: City Park Splash Pad

Nestled in the heart of Denver, the City Park Splash Pad is a favorite among locals. This spacious splash pad features an array of water jets, sprinklers, and fountains. The surrounding park offers plenty of shade, picnic areas and playground, making it a perfect spot for a family day out. Pack a picnic and enjoy the scenic views of Ferril Lake and the Denver skyline!

Downtown Oasis: Civic Center Park

For those closer to downtown, Civic Center Park provides a convenient and enjoyable splash pad experience. Its proximity to some of Denver’s popular cultural attractions make it a great way to cool off while exploring the city. The interactive water features are surrounded by beautiful gardens and historic architecture for a picturesque setting for the parents. What a great way to combine cultural exploration with playtime!

Embracing Nature: Greenwood Village’s Cherry Creek Valley Ecological Park

A bit outside of Denver proper, Cherry Creek Valley Ecological Park in Greenwood Village offers a unique splash pad experience. This eco-friendly park has a naturalistic splash pad that blends seamlessly with the surrounding environment. It is designed to mimic natural streams and waterfalls. The park also includes educational elements about local wildlife and ecosystems, a walking trail, fishing pond and several play areas for a fun and informative outing.

Entertain All Ages: Surfside Spray Park

The only spray park in the area for all ages, there’s one section that will entertain older kids, while a completely different section is more geared toward small children and toddlers. Keep everyone happy on a hot summer day with a visit here. 

Family-Friendly Vibes: Central Park

Central Park, in the heart of the Stapleton neighborhood, offers a splash pad that’s perfect for younger children. The gentle water sprays and shaded areas make it ideal for toddlers and preschoolers. Adjacent to the splash pad, you’ll find expansive lawns, walking trails, and playgrounds. There are also nearby cafes and eateries, making it  easy to grab a bite to eat when the water play fun leads to hangry kids.

For All Day Outdoor Fun: Great Plains Spray Park

Great Plains Park in Aurora features an amazing outdoor water playground, and that is just one small feature of the expansive area. It is also equipped with a playground, picnic shelters with tables, plenty of shade, a softball diamond, sports field, half-court basketball court, fitness stations and walking paths. A concrete trail connects the park to the Powerline Trail and the Conservatory West Trail.

Rated Best Park: Centennial Center Park

Centennial Center Park was voted one of the best parks in the region, and for good reason. Water play areas are plentiful, innovative and interactive. When kids need a break from the splashing, they can head to the playground(s), rock climbing wall or one of the many trails. There’s also plenty of shade to retreat to when the sun becomes too much. 

Short Drive Away: Discovery Park 

If you’re willing to take a short drive, Discovery Park in Parker is home to an expansive splash pad with a variety of water features, from towering fountains to gentle misters. They even have color changing LED lights that can make for a fun evening reprieve from the heat. If the drive would deter you from going, then make a whole day adventure out of the trip by enjoying the park’s adventure playground, amphitheater and walking trails. 

Tips for a Successful Splash Pad Visit

  • Pack the essentials, including sunscreen, towels, water shoes (Crocs or similar to avoid slipping), towels, snacks, rash guards and extra clothes. 
  • Check Schedules. Some splash pads have specific operating hours or maintenance days, so it’s always a good idea to check ahead.
  • Safety First: Always supervise children closely, even in shallow water, to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Whether you’re looking for a central location with plenty of amenities or a more naturalistic setting, there’s a splash pad in the Denver area that’s perfect for your kids’ specific needs. So grab those suits, pack a picnic and head out for a fun day in the sun!


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