A Mom’s Guide to a Colorado Rockies Game with Kids

Coors Field

To many people, April through October means one thing: baseball. Warm days and crisp nights, the crack of the bat, the games and songs from the Jumbotron and rooting on the home team. Not to mention the yummy snacks! Classic.

We moms know nothing with kids is ever simple, though. You want to make childhood memories, and a Rockies game is a great place for that, yet it can feel daunting to attend an event with kids in tow. But with a little preparation, you’ll be set for success, making those memories with less frustration and saving money!

Before you pile everyone in the car and take off for Coors Field, check out the “Know Before You Go” page.  It is full of great information!

Rockies Game Arrival

Coors Field is located at 20th and Blake Streets in lower downtown, 2001 Blake St.

One of the ways to feel the most prepared is to have a plan for how you will get to Coors Field and where you will park (if driving). Not knowing what to expect for parking can be stressful, but if you know where you’re headed, it will allow you to relax. If you don’t want to drive, there are bus and train routes that can get you to Coors Field. Check out the RTD website to find your best route: rtd-denver.com.

If you will be driving, there are many city lots within walking distance of Coors Field but the official lots for the stadium are Lots A and B. They cost $20-25 and are credit card only.

Lot A can be accessed from 22nd and Park Ave. at Wazee or 27th and Blake St. Lot A has the handicapped spots, and you will be directed where to go. Lot A is a straight walk to the stadium, arriving at Gate A for easy entrance. Lot B also has a garage accessible from 27th and Blake St. with a shuttle service to Gate A. While Lot A is a straight shot to the stadium, it is long and skinny so it could result in quite a walk. Umbrella strollers are welcome in the stadium so don’t hesitate to let your little one ride from the car to the game if that will make your life easier!  (Larger strollers will be checked at the entrance.)

What to Bring to a Rockies Game

In addition to umbrella strollers, quite a lot of family friendly items are allowed in Coors Field – including food and drink! If you’d like to save money, you can bring in a soft sided, single-pocket tote bag (does not have to be clear) up to 16”x16”x8”. Hard sided coolers and multi-pocketed backpacks are not permitted but your tote bag can include sealed, plastic beverage containers and thermoses 22 oz. or smaller (yay for water from home!), snacks in individual portions, fruit smaller than a grapefruit, or cut up fruit if it was originally larger than a grapefruit. Talk about potentially BIG savings for a family! (No aluminum or glass containers.)

If you are going to a game that might be chilly or rainy, blankets and small umbrellas are allowed. If it rained earlier in the day, a blanket can be a good idea to lay down on your seats so that you have a dry place to sit. If you want to read more to see if a particular item you’d like to take is allowed, check out the Security Guidelines.

Food and Drink Options

While you can bring your own food and drink in an approved tote bag, it can also be fun to buy some classic ballpark snacks like hot dogs, popcorn, nachos or cotton candy. There is a wide variety of food choices at Coors Field. Gone are the days of just hot dogs, peanuts and popcorn. You can also find Mexican, barbecue, a brewery and kiosks of unique pretzels, ice cream and more! Again, a little preparation goes a long way. Looking at this dining guide ahead of time to see what is near your seats can help you have a plan and waste less time looking for what sounds good to everyone, or find where your favorite food is so you can plan when to go get it.

Mom Tip: Coors Field is almost entirely cashless. Be prepared to pay for parking with credit card as well as almost all concessions and merchandise. Cash is only accepted at Section 109 Fanfare, 134 Grille Works, 306 Grille Works and 327 Fanfare.

During the Game

The baseball game is great but little ones can still get antsy. The staff at Coors Field do a wonderful job of engaging the crowd in games on the big screen and classic sing-along ballpark songs, and if you’re sitting in the outfield, you get a chance

to catch a ball every time the outfielders are finished warming up (between each team change). If that entertainment gets old, though, and you want to change things up, there are several options to get kids’ wiggles out.

Mom Tip: Outfield seats have their back to the big screen so consider that when choosing your seat.

Coors Field has the reputation of being one of the most beautiful stadiums in the major league. The waterfall and evergreen trees in the outfield are beautiful but not all seats have an equal view of them. So, get up and take a walking tour of the stadium! See the field and stadium from a variety of perspectives.

Mom Tip: Weather permitting, the first base side and right field area have mountain views!

Near sections 201-204 you can find the bullpens where pitchers and catchers for both teams warm up. Kids will love to look over the rails and watch the pros up close!

Throughout the concourse, you will find games that can entertain kids of all ages. Tickets can be purchased at the time. Additionally, for younger ones, a playground can be found behind section 147. A parent must always be present with their child(ren).

If you need to nurse your child during the game and would like more privacy, you can visit any first aid station. Additionally, there are two UCHealth Nursing Suites for a comfortable atmosphere and privacy. They are located behind sections 114 and 347.

Tickets and Schedule

Remember that whether the Rockies win or lose, there is always the potential for good baseball action and you also have the chance to check out other teams in the league when they visit. There are many nights that have fun promotions, too, so check out their schedule and see what day suits your family best. For example, Tuesdays are Dollar Dog days (yes, $1 hot dogs!), the 4th and 5th of July has fireworks after the game, there are teacher, healthcare worker (and more) appreciation days (must buy special ticket to receive those prizes), and a variety of days where prizes are handed out to fans that arrive early (for example, the first 10,000 fans). The calendar to purchase tickets mentions all of the promotions.

Baseball regular season runs through the end of September. Get your tickets and start making memories!

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