Corn Mazes in the Denver Area

kids walking through corn maze
Photo by emholk from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro.

Challenge yourself this fall by tackling some of these corn mazes in the Denver area. Acres and acres are there for you to get lost and found again! Check out options for younger kids in mini maze designs, too!

Corn Mazes in the Denver Area

Chatfield Farms (Denver Botanic Gardens)

It’s time to seas the day as you dive in to explore our seven-acre corn maze. This year’s maze has a sea-creature theme for fun twists and tricky turns. The maze can be viewed from a 15-foot-tall bridge. Visitors under the age of 10 can explore the corn mini-maze. Learn more.

Maize in the City (Thornton)

Take a turn navigating the 20+ acre corn maze or mini maze using a customizable smart phone trivia game. How fast will you make it out? The Maize in the City takes approximately 40 minutes to complete and is fun for all ages.

Manzotti Farms (Hudson)

Explore a scare-free corn maze, along with other fall fun activities, at Manzotti Farms. Open Saturdays and Sundays in October from 10 am. to 5 p.m.

Fritzler Farm Park (La Salle)

Since 2000, the Fritzler Family has welcomed young and old to their farm park. Their iconic corn maze designs only touch the top of the mountains as Fritzler Farm Park offers tons of attractions during their Fall Festival season!

Anderson Farms (Erie)

The 2023 dino-themed maze at Anderson Farms is fun fro all ages and is never haunted! This maze claims to be Colorado’s longest running corn maze. The average visitor spends about two hours in the maze.

Mile High Farms (Bennett)

Mile High Farms in Bennett, Colorado, has two corn mazes – large and a mini version. Tickets are available for purchase online or in person at the festival.

Cottonwood Farms (Lafayette)

Bring the whole family for a walk in the corn maze at Cottonwood Farms, just north of Lafayette. Our two acre corn maze provides the real feel of being on the farm. Cut by hand, not by tractors, it allows our paths be narrower, and the experience more personal. Listen to the corn rustling in the breeze as it dries down in preparation for harvest. Hear how the corn mutes the sounds of the outside world. Let your little ones lead the way as you try to find the exit.

Rock Creek Farm (Broomfield)

Navigate the fall fun and find your way through nearly 9 miles of amazing Halloween themed mazes. With four intricately designed patterns of different lengths and complexity – ranging from a short and easy .3 mile maze to a fun and engaging 4.2 mile maze – you can take your  journey as far as you would like. We even have a hay bale maze for the little ones! You’ll test your memory and navigational skills as you laugh and run through 30 acres of twist and turns!


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