Epic Quest Adventure at Sea Quest!


If your family hasn’t experienced SeaQuest in Littleton, I highly recommend a visit. Located in Southwest Plaza Mall, this aquarium offers an interactive experience for all ages.

We embarked on an EpicQuest, which is a three hour guided tour that includes unlimited hand feeding at each exhibit, interaction with all animals and behind the scenes access led by a knowledgeable SeaQuest employee. If you want to experience all SeaQuest has to offer this is an amazing way to do that.

I was surprised to see how many animals SeaQuest has. In addition to some incredible sea creatures like octopus, turtles, sharks and sting rays, they also have wallabies, snakes, tarantulas, sugar gliders, cats, chinchillas and more. My daughter’s favorites were petting the sugar glider and the chinchilla.

Being an interactive aquarium takes learning to the next level. We loved being able to feed and pet the animals to understand more about how they live, eat and play. I was also surprised to learn many of the animals at Sea Quest are rescued. The education coordinator who took us on our Epic Quest answered every question we had and was wonderful with my daughter. I was amazed at her wealth of knowledge on every creature throughout the aquarium. There were many creatures I learned a lot of new facts about as well! Did you know an octopus changes color when it dreams?

My five year old was tentative at the beginning of the tour but by the end she was brave enough to feed the sting rays. My 10 month old loved looking at all of the animals and taking it all in. I really enjoyed learning so much and having the opportunity to hand feed so many diverse animals was really cool. There is something for everyone, whether you like snakes and reptiles or are more interested in furry friends.

Animal well-being and care are very important to SeaQuest. Emily shared with us how they care for the animals and make sure they feel safe and comfortable in such an interactive environment. For instance, they regularly take the turtle and wallabies on walks when guests are not present, and the animals have designated safe spaces they can go in.

Mom Tip

You could bring a stroller for the main area but when feeding and doing interactions in many areas it needs to stay outside. I would recommend baby/child wearing if possible.

There are hand sanitizer and hand washing stations throughout the exhibits which is great when petting and feeding lots of new friends. You might get splashed, so plan your outfit accordingly!

Another great perk was being able to leave and come back at any time throughout the day. Your wristband allows you access to come and go as you please.

The entrance does include a large gift shop, so make sure to prepare your kiddos prior to your visit. I would also suggest practicing soft voices for the animals.

There is so much to do and see at SeaQuest, the three-hour EpicQuest was an incredible way to experience everything. Hand feeding so many animals and behind the scenes access made this an adventure we will always remember. We hope to go back again soon!

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