How Reading Supports Infant Language Development


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As a parent, you’ve undoubtedly been told that reading is beneficial from birth. But is that really true? And how does reading really benefit babies? Continue reading for more information, tips for reading with your child, and a few favorite books to read to babies.

Why Reading to Babies is Important

When you read to your baby, they are being introduced to new words. This will help build connections that support language skills as they learn to talk and read. Regularly reading to babies will also teach them how to hold books and take in words and illustrations. It will also help to develop an interest in reading that can last for a lifetime!

There’s also a social-emotional component to reading with infants. It creates opportunities for close physical connection and bonding, helping your baby to feel safe and loved. Also, as you read to a baby, they take in your expressions and vocal inflection. This exposes babies to different feelings and emotions, and helps with early brain development.

How to Read to a Baby

Depending on your infant’s age, your reading experience will likely be different. For example, reading to a very young infant may be calm and peaceful, while an older infant is more likely to grab the book, get distracted with toys, or crawl away. Both are worthwhile reading experiences! The important thing is to meet children where they are. Even if your child is not sitting next to you, reading aloud while they’re in the same room carries many benefits.

Try to be animated when reading to an infant. This will help them understand the actions and emotions in a book, and differentiate between characters and settings. Depending on your child’s age, you may want to stop and make comments or ask questions about the story and illustrations.

Books to Read to Babies

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