Get FREE Books with the Imagination Library of Colorado

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When you sign up for Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, available to Colorado kids 5 and under, you’ll get a free book mailed to your house each month! It’s completely FREE.

By providing books every month at no cost to families, the Imagination Library of Colorado increases childhood literacy rates, fosters a love of books, and promotes a culture of reading among all families in Colorado. Currently, 55,000+ Colorado children receive a book each month.

The Imagination Library launched in 1995 in Tennessee and grew quickly. By 2003, more than one million books had been mailed. The goal is for each child to receive high quality books that will encourage a love of reading and enrich their lives throughout school and beyond – regardless of their income level.

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We have been getting books for our toddler and have been impressed with the quality of the books. You can check out a 2024 Book List here. They are age appropriate, which is great because it feels like she is truly getting something just for her. As she gets older, I imagine she will appreciate the address label with her name on it – knowing someone is thinking of her!

Research shows that young children whose parents read to them daily have been exposed to at least 290,000 (and as much as one million) more words by the time they enter kindergarten as compared to kids who aren’t read to.

The Imagination Library is a great way to highlight the importance of reading and make it fun while you’re doing it!


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