A Toddler’s Guide to Disneyland


We just took our first trip to the most magical place on Earth, Disneyland! It was an incredible experience I would recommend to anyone. Our trip did look a little different since our girls are younger, so here is my toddler’s guide to Disneyland.

Pre-Trip: Get familiar with the app.

Disneyland has a specific app with everything you could possibly want to know. You can view the map, book reservations and order meals, sign up for lightning lanes, and see ride wait times as well as show times. You can also view your photos if you have any taken by the park photographers and even purchase merchandise.

Check the app for ride information-height limits especially. Disneyland has tons of rides that have no height requirement, making them perfect for toddlers. Decide which of these you want to ride on before the trip, and where they are in the park. That way, you have an idea of the areas you want to be in on park day.

Park Days

Go early! Rope drop is a great way to start the day, there are less crowds, less lines and the excitement is real! If you have ideas of the rides you want to go on before, pick those that tend to have longer wait times and head there right away. The later in the day the busier the park gets, so starting early with a little one is key.

Bring a Stroller

I highly recommend a stroller. Even if your toddler is an independent walker there are busy times and areas in the park where having them secured makes life a lot easier. There are designated stroller parking areas outside of rides and restaurants. You can put an air tag or marker on your stroller so you can easily find it.

Snacks, always have snacks.

Disneyland allows you to bring in food (no glass containers)

so packing some extra treats is a great idea. You can have a bag in the stroller and then take single snacks for waiting in line. No one likes to be hangry, especially toddlers. You can also mobile order on your app from many of the restaurants in the park. Choose what you want and then select a pickup time. This prevents you from having to wait in another line with your little.

Bubbles: They sell bubble wands all over the park, we found that this was a great distraction when the tiredness set in. Toddlers love bubbles, so we splurged and let her pick one out. It saved us a lot of unhappy times having this as a distraction.

Naps: We left the park after lunch and took naps at the hotel. It was a short walk and easy to come and go. If your toddler will take a stroller nap, there are some quieter areas in the park you can find and rest as well.

Take a break from rides and let your toddler play. There are two great areas in Mickey’s Toontown called CenToonial Park and Goofy’s How to Play Yard. They have areas to climb and slide which can provide a nice break for your little one. You can also walk through Mickey and Minnie’s homes and explore!  There are also times here to meet Mickey, just check the app.

Many of the indoor rides can be loud, if your toddler is sensitive to noise, I would bring headphones. You can go online and watch videos of the rides prior to the trip, that way you aren’t surprised and know what your little one can handle.

Character meals: If your toddler loves Mickey and the crew, check out a character meal. It’s a great way to see all of your favorites in one place, get pictures and autographs and enjoy some Disney themed food!

There is a designated baby care area for breastfeeding and diaper changing in the park, they also have toddler size toilets. It is located on Main Street. If you are just doing a quick diaper change, the regular bathrooms were very clean and well maintained.

Give yourself some grace. Disneyland with a toddler is a magical experience, but take your cues from your little one. Take breaks when you need to and just enjoy seeing the magic through their eyes!


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