Beginner’s Guide to Consignment Sales in Denver

clothes on hangars at consignment sales

Why would I shop consignment sales when I can spend four times as much at a retail store or online? This is a question I have never asked myself and nor should you. My friends, shopping consignment is a no-brainer in my book.

Consignment sales are a gift to moms. They save us so much money, are sustainable and better for the environment, and are FUN. If you are new to shopping this way, you may feel intimidated but I am here to show you the ropes while simultaneously putting a mass amount of money back into your pocket. You’re welcome.

5 Tips for Shopping at Consignment Sales

  1. Find Out Your Consignment Sale Schedule

A simple Google search can usually help you out with this, then mark your calendar. Follow the sale on Instagram and Facebook for reminders and often ways to win a shop early pass or other fun prizes.

  1. Decide When to Shop

Most sales will have pre-sales for teachers, first-time-moms, grandparents, military, and more. They are often free to shop early but if not, you can likely purchase a pass to get in before the rush. I highly recommend shopping early. You get the best pick at the selection and there often tends to be less of a crowd compared to the days open to the public. After the presales, the sale will open to the public and then will likely move to 25% off days followed by 50% off days (major deals!)

  1. Leave Your Kids at Home

I know this is not always possible but trust me on this one. It’s more fun this way. You can concentrate better and get through your list. If you have a picky child like mine, send pictures home to them of items if you’re nervous to buy without consent. Kids are always welcome at these shopping events so don’t let the lack of childcare keep you from those deals!

  1. Know What You’re Looking For

Before a sale, I try my best to go through my kids’ closets and see where our holes are. What clothing do they need, shoes, sports gear etc. Around Halloween, I look for their costumes. I make a specific list and look for those things first to stay on track. The sales are so fun and loaded with so much great stuff it’s easy to get distracted. Find what you really NEED first, then move onto browsing.

I also like to think ahead to birthdays and holidays. Consignment sales are such an economical way to pick things up. It’s not uncommon at all to find things new with tags (great for baby gifts!), unopened toys, and other great still in box items.

  1. Don’t Forget Books

I absolutely love picking up books at consignment sales. Books will be priced individually or in a set.  Shopping at such a steep discount is a fast-track way to build your little one’s library.

  1. Be Prepared

The sales will often have bags for you to use but I see moms bring wagons or strollers to hold their items. Pack a snack and water. I know that sounds crazy but you’ll thank me when you’re having the time of your life and hunger hits. You cannot let that bring you down. Make sure your phone is charged so you have no reason to run out of there. Don’t forget your shopping list!

Now when consignment season rolls around, you are ready to rock and roll. Make a fun outing out of it and bring a mom friend. It’s like a treasure hunt and your mind will be blown by the deals you will score for your kids.

Have fun, and I can’t wait to hear what you find. Now, go save that money!

Fall Consignment Sales in the Denver Area

Boulder County Kids Sale
Saturday, Sept. 23

Just Between Friends – Arvada
September 28 – October 1

Just Between Friends – Broomfield/Brighton
October 13-15

Just Between Friends – Denver
October 20-21


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